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Experienced legal services related to buying, selling and leasing private jets and airplanes and other aviation/aerospace business transactions.

Private aircraft have become increasingly common amongst international companies and their corporate executives. And with the numerous arangements that can be entered into with respect to purchase, sale and leasing of private jets, as well as fractional ownership and co-ownership arrangements, there are significant legal nuances that need to be addressed when negotiating and completing such transactions. At the law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C., we work with our corporate clients to appropriately position them relative to their commercial activities with private jets and other aircraft, including:

Purchase / Sale: assisting in buying and selling of new and used private aircraft, which often entails the negotiation of price and financing arrangements, structuring of the ownership structure, sale-and-leaseback arrangements, dealing with aircraft brokers, and international tax and regulatory matters related to cross-border deals. More: Acquiring Aircraft - Selling Aircraft - Exportation + Importation - Financing

Leasing / Chartering: creating the structure through which private jets can be leased / chartered and thereafter dealing with the obligations associated with the leasing process, as well as host of other arrangements for the use of those aircraft. More: Leasing Aircraft - Fractional / Co-Ownership

Contracts: contractual arrangements with the individuals and companies involved in facilitating the operation and repair of aircraft, selling parts and services to aviation sector, and engaging with the aviation / aerospace supply chain. More: Aviation / Aerospace Supply Chain - Dealing with Major Aviation / Aerospace Players

Aviation / Aerospace Business Deals: acquiring, selling and partnering with businesses involved in the aviation and aerospace sectors can be very lucrative, but also subject to an extensive array of legal demands, many of which are specific to the aviation/aerospace industry.

Airport Leasing: whether you are leasing in the passenger accessible space of an airport or hangar areas for purposes of conducting commercial air travel operations, the legal arrangements tend to have higher expectations involving security + customs clearances, health + safety and regulatory matters.

Employment: employing and contracting individuals in aviation and aerospace industries is subject to legal expectations, many of which are far more consequential than in many other lines of work.

To contact the law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C. with respect to legal and transactional matters pertaining to private jet purchases, sales and leasing, as well as a broad array of other aviation and aerospace transactions and contractual arrangements, our legal team can be reached via email at and by phone at (001) 416-887-9702.

* Although a core emphasis as a Canadian-based law firm is on newly manufactured aircraft produced by Bombardier Aerospace (C Series, CRJ Series, Q Series, LearJet), we are equally capable of dealing with aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, Embraer-Empresa, Hawker Beechcraft, Piaggio, Pilatus and others.


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Canadian Business Lawyerb> Christopher Neufeld is a corporate commercial solicitor is admitted to practice law in both Ontario and Alberta (Canada) and New York (U.S.A.).  Christopher's legal practice focuses primarily on business law, in particular corporate commercial transactions.  We provide international and national legal advice for business transacted to and from ONTARIO, Canada, including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, London, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Newmarket, Cambridge, Milton, Burlington and Oakville, and ALBERTA, Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Banff. See also Copyright 2017.

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